Rejecting a queue call - forcing fail over destination

Queues have a fail over destination. Is there a way to direct a call to this destination by options / the way you handle the call - i.e. by answering and hanging up during the announcement or clicking REJECT or IGNORE on phones that support it?

Basically looking for a way to permanently reject / EJECT a call from the queue so that it can be handled by the resulting fail over destination like an IVR of voicemail instead of having to answer the call and manually transfer it - like if the queue could detect an intentional busy?

In my test case / minimum working model the queue needs only to have a single member.

In a perfect world the same effect could be had on a queue with multiple members, but I’m prepared to accept that as impossible / impractical without modifying the way queues work in a deeper way.

if the “single member” uses reject to return a busy, maybe there is a way to reject the caller without turning the queue to auto paused / rejecting attempts to add future calls (i.e. by allowing calls to be adding but rejecting rejecting only the current call).

To make this more detailed / clear…
If caller A joins the queue, and caller B joins the queue… caller A rings at the agent, and the agent takes SOME_ACTION to reject the call, the caller goes to the fail over destination but caller B remains in the queue, and is run to the agent next.

Any ideas appreciated! Thanks guys :slight_smile:

The only option would be to actually answer the call and transfer to that IVR.

Another option would be to use FOP2 and drag & drop the caller to a virtual extension which goes to the IVR

Thanks Itzik - what if I’m prepared to write dialplan or edit module code - does anyone have any ideas then?
I don’t mind hand rolling something for a one off but this is something I seem to run into time and time again. I’ll keep investigating. On a phone where one can reject the call as busy it would seem to me that should be triggering the “all users busy / no one available” portion of the queue logic if there is only a single member in the first place (because then all is just the one).

Maybe in the call confirmation process a response could be used i.e. not 1 to accept and 2 to reject but add a 3 to send teh caller to X?

Am I at least explaning it well enough to make sense? Thanks :slight_smile:

On Cisco phones using Chan-SCCP, there is a “Divert” key that you can use to send a call to voicemail (or whatever the phone’s “divert” destination is). I’m not suggesting switching phones, but something like that might work. You’d need to find a phone that has a Divert function.

Exactly - I have the options to make an “ignore” or “reject” button… I also have full control of the call confirmation script in dialplan - this can be overridden to allow custom actions - which set a variable - I’m thinking that if a button on the phone / special call result can’t trigger the event, maybe the call confirmation in IVR could. I would like to do it by just rejecting the call on the phone. I believe that returns unavailable / busy - I can use that to auto-pause the member in the quue - which if they are on the only person in the queue would reject the caller. But I dont want to pause the queue if I can avoid it (sure I could have a cron unpause people) - I just want to dump the single call to VM or whatever exit dest the queue has.

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