Rejecting a call back to voice mail?

I’m using “follow me” with 10-12 extensions in it, and I want to have the ability to reject a call while on the phone, and have that call sent directly to voice mail, instead of continuing to ring on the other extensions. All callers are directed to a primary extension, so it’s not like their calling different extensions either.

Right now, the call will only go to voice mail once it times out according to the predefined ring time, which means I hear the call ringing the other extensions while I’m still talking on one of the phones.

It’s particularly bad if I’m on one of my Polycom Soundstations (handsfree). I know there has to be some way to get around this…and using a Queue won’t give me what I want either. Ringall -prim won’t work for me, as often, I’m not at the primary extension.

All of these extensions use the same mailbox as well…so there has to be some way to do this…