Reimage FreePBX but use backups for settings?

Hello all,

I currently work for a company that uses FreePBX on all our VOIP servers(3). We are currently in the 2.11 framework. We backup FreePBX everynight.

My question is can we reimage the servers with the latest distro and use the backups to restore our settings?

Look into mondoarchive for an on-line cloning/imaging solution.

This is just a backup solution no? We have backups. I want to take a box wipe it clean. Throw PBX fresh distro on it. And use our backups to replace the settings. Is this possible?

If you use the same generation of FreePBX that should not be a problem, careful with passwords being the same on both boxes, but just in case it all goes belly-up, mondoarchive will have saved your day.