Registration Issues?

I restarted my Virtual Machine with a new IP address and all of my trunks and endpoints are failing to register. Trunks are giving the following error:
[2016-07-17 04:35:09] ERROR[2229] netsock2.c: getaddrinfo(“”, “(null)”, …): Temporary failure in name resolution
[2016-07-17 04:35:09] WARNING[2229] acl.c: Unable to lookup ‘
[2016-07-17 04:35:09] WARNING[2229] chan_sip.c: Probably a DNS error for registration to [email protected], trying REGISTER again (after 20 seconds)
[2016-07-17 04:35:09] NOTICE[2229] chan_sip.c: – Registration for ‘GV1#########@GV1##########’ timed out, trying again (Attempt #59)

Anyone know a fix to this?

Assuming is an external address, you have a configuration issue: your PBX can’t see the internet or doesn’t have a DNS available. If internal endpoints are failing to register I’d guess the PBX can’t see those devices either.

You changed the ip address but you did not set the new dns servers. Asterisk cannot find your sip provider. Also I am guessing that you are using chan_sip, if so there is a bug in Asterisk that if it cannot resolve your sip provider hostname then sip protocol doesn’t work meaning that also your extensions don’t work. Resolve the first problem and the second will be solved also. If you have changed the dns servers you need to reboot your box. A simple asterisk restart wont do.

Sure enough it was using the old DNS servers. Thanks!