Registration Error 408 - Softphone

Hi All.

EDIT: - Scrap this post. It now works! - I was being premature. Sorry.

My first post. I have been using the Asterisk GUI up until yesterday when I added FreePBX, I am now starting to teach myself so I thought I would move slowly.

I have set up an extention for a Genric SIP device, which I am attempting to attach a eyebeam 1.5 softphone to, but I am getting the error “Registration Error 408 - Request Timeout”

I suspect that for some reason the softphone is failing registration.

In Asterisk GUI I am used to a 4 digit secret, but with FreePBX it is 6 digit alphanumeric. Will this cause a problem for my softphone?

Are there any tools I can use to diagnose?

Thanks for any help.