Registering Sangoma P315 in FreePBX issues

I’m having trouble manually registering Sangoma P315 phones in FreePBX. I can register a Yealink phone no problem. I can’t get the P315’s to register at all. I tried manually by putting the info into the phone’s web portal, I’ve tried using the endpoint manager, and I’ve tried enabling DPMA and doing it that way. I’ve used these phones before and I think I had an issue then, but got them working. I just don’t remember what I did to make that happen. I checked the other 2 systems that use these and they aren’t setup in endpoint manager and dpma is disabled on both. I also tried adding port 66 and the server IP to my DHCP server. Oh, I also updated the firmware to the latest I could find for this model (3.9.0) which is newer than the ones that are working. Any help is appreciated.

Ok, I was wrong about the other phones. So maybe this is more of a pbx issue than phone issue. I went and grabbed a yealink phone and it won’t register either.

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