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Registering Multiple PBX with RMS


I have a Reseller account and multiple customers under my account. When I go to register a customer FreePBX (on FreePBX) the page never changes. As in, it looks like it’s going to work and then I the page refreshes to show sign up for a free trial. In the Sangoma Portal I can see under the customer deployment that a license was generated but for some reason just shows this as the license key bnVsbA==

Am I going about this the wrong way?

(Moises Silva) #2

@Altocloud1 You’re hitting a known issue. In fact, we just deployed a few minutes ago changes that will fix this. However, they’re currently hidden under a feature flag as they need a bit more testing before going live. You can work-around this by creating a user under the organization of each deployment, or, you can wait a day or two and we’ll have it fixed so you don’t need to do anything else.

I’ll update this thread once this use case works.

Sorry about the inconvenience.

(Tony Lewis) #3

The bug is you have customer orgs under you in the portal as orgs but no users for that org in the portal and RMS expected the org the deployment belongs to would have a user always.


I was able to use the workaround thanks for the help. My next question is how can I put that system into one RMS portal? Since they’re separate organizations is that the reason I only see one with my reseller login?

(Joao Mesquita) #5

We are just about to publish a release that will allow you to do both. Either a master account logging in to see all nodes of all orgs or individual logins from the orgs seeing only the nodes from their orgs.

You won’t be needing that trick anymore in a few. I’ll post here when we’re done later today or tomorrow at the latest.

(Joao Mesquita) #6

@Altocloud1, we have upgraded and you should be able to use no tricks to try new pbx on your clients. You should also be able to see all your clients using your login too. Please, let me know if something is not working as expected or need help!

Thank you for your patience.

(Tony Lewis) #7

And if your sub customers under you have logins to their own organization they to can login to RMS now and will only see their own RMS data correct @jmesquita ?

(Joao Mesquita) #8

@tlewis That is correct, yes.