Registering LAN sip peers on a different range from the PBX

Hi Im using an old instance of FreePBX V13.0.1) and its been reliable as ever for years. I have added additional sip peers that are connected through a VPN. I can ping a peer ( IP from the PBX ( ok and visa versa.

the peer is registered but it is unreachable. I can place a call from the VPN peer to any other peer on the range of the PABX but cannot place a call from a peer on the PABX range to a VPN range.
I have read through the forums posts and undertook some research and read about adding the ranges to the advanced SIP settings under NAT. When i add the to the local networks and perform a reboot, the PABX reports critical network failure and all the peers go offline. I then have to undertake a recovery to get the settings back for a working system.

I have also spent a lot of time making the peers nat=yes and trying that but still no joy.
The peers boot ok and load their configs from the remote lan’s TFTP (
Im confident that the VPN is correct as i have a PC on the client end with the sip peer and it connects fine. Im using IPfire on the PABX side and i have routed the VPN to the green zone with no restrictions.

Any help would be great as i have spent hours and hours looking to resolve this after good old COVI-19 has split our office up :frowning:

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