Registering extension to DB20N Dect base station fails on MAC address

Asterisk 13.19.1
EndPoint Manager

The DECT base station can be entered in to EPM however when you try to MAP EXTENSION to it and select DB20 as the model, then select the base station registered previously it errors with this error:

“Please enter proper MAC address before proceeding with submission.”

The MAC address entered is the correct MAC address.

Please help if you know a workaround until it gets fixed.

Hadn’t test this, but the work around would probably be to downgrade EPM. Or maybe try up upgrade to edge.
To report a bug:

Yes, apparently a fix update to has been pushed to edge(6 days ago). So I did “fwconsole ma upgrade endpoint” completed successfully. I didn’t check version, but after “fwconsole restart” had same error as OP. (Would be nice if PBXact users had a Module Admin GUI to select a repo)

Then I updated the endpoint module with “fwconsole ma --edge upgrade endpoint” and got to version, but I still get the same “Bad MAC” error as OP when I try to add a DECT extension after a restart.

Oops! Works after I clear the browser cache. There was multiple bug reports on it.

In PBXact version 14 you have a full GUI for both modules and RPM updates.

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