Registering Ekiga client with FreePBX


I have just installed FreePBX via AsteriskNow 1.5. The installation went smoothly. I am attempting to register a soft client, Ekiga 3.2.6 but not having much luck.

I checked through the admin guide and have searched the forums for a basic setup but was unable to find anything. I did read the guide on setting up extensions and it was informative, but am wondering if there is more.

Obviously, I am new to this and if there is a simple starting guide I am missing maybe I just need a pointer to that.

My Ekiga client settings:

Name: 5003
Registrar: "IP of the Asterisk server"
User: 5003
Authentication User: 5003
Password: 5003
Timeout: 3600
Enable Account box checked

SIP Settings (in Ekiga Preferences)-
Outbound Proxy: (blank)
Forward URI: sip:(blank)
DTMF Mode: RFC2833

FreePBX Extention settings:

Display Name: 5003
SIP Alias: 5003
secret: 5003
dtmfmode: rfc2883
canreinvite: no
context: from-internal
host: dynamic
type: friend
nat: yes
port: 5060
qualify: yes
dial: SIP/5003
mailbox: [email protected]

The rest of the settings are default or blank. Note this is a flat network with no NAT or firewalling. Ekiga says “Could not register (Failed)”

Any tips are much appreciated!

Addendum: I am not sure if this is related but the Asterisk server has two network connections on two different subnets. I am accessing the GUI on subnet A, but the client is attempting to register on subnet B.

You need to fill in the registrar details - ip address of your asterisk now server. Change your password(5003)to something more secure.

Thanks, I have the registrar listed as the Asterisk IP (I actually commented out the IP address using “<” in the original post but it seems to have hidden that)and have verified connectivity. I agree the password needs to be more secure but as of now, this is in a quarantined lab environment.

I checked a packet capture and the Asterisk server is sending ICMP port unreachable back to the Ekiga client. I checked netstat and the Asterisk server is not listening on port 5060.

Is there something I need to do to start the call server service?

Thanks for any help you can provide!

Asterisk is running and I can access the CLI. However a netstat grep for 5060 shows nothing. A netstat grep for asterisk shows /var/run/asterisk/asterisk.ctl on port 8878?

Just for grins, why not test with another client.

Try Zoiper.


Thanks Bill,

I just tried Zoiper, but I see the same behavior. Zoiper sends SIP register message to the server (destined to UDP 5060) and the server responds with ICMP port unreachable messages.

In case anyone comes across this thread-- got this resolved by updating all modules and rebooting. :slight_smile: