Register Sangoma phone on two different FreePBX servers


This is a way out-there question, but I am curious. I have a customer that I have a permanent OpenVPN connection to, and they also use FreePBX, the same version as my parent company.

I am aware that the Sangoma phones support multiple accounts, and have the ability to register more than one extension to a physical phone.

I currently have 3 physical phones on my desk, and I am wondering if I can condense them, but this would mean that the remaining single Sangoma 700 series phone would need to be able to register to Customer1, Customer2, and Parent company. Is this possible? How would one set such a configuration up within Extensions Manager?

I have firewall rules in place so that the networks don’t mix, so am not worried about cross contamination. I am just wondering how to load the phone with the goodies, so that I can set two of them aside.


Custom Extension in EPM:

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It look like this once set up.

108-1 and 5299 are on the same phone.

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