Register Fails 404 Not Found


Synopsis: FreePBX 15 on local LAN behaind NAT firewall/router. Attempting to register a PJSIP/Trunk from FreeSwitch Server on a VM on the same LAN. I am using username/password for authentication.

I can regster a softphone to an extension but cannot register from FreeSwitch. Consistently receiving SIP error: “registration failed - 404 Not Found”…

I can register to the FreeSwitch from PBX okay, but not FS to PBX.

I have stopped iptables/fail2ban, checked ports and reviewed router/firewall but problem persists

Could anyone advise please?

Thank you!

Do you see anything in the Asterisk console while trying to register?

No, there was no messages in Asterisk Console.


That means that FreeSWITCH cannot reach FreePBX.

Indeed. I have proved PBX is reachable from FreeSWITCH via Tracepath command on port 5060. It can also be pinged from the FS server. But problem persists.

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