Register Fails 404 Not Found



Synopsis: FreePBX 15 on local LAN behaind NAT firewall/router. Attempting to register a PJSIP/Trunk from FreeSwitch Server on a VM on the same LAN. I am using username/password for authentication.

I can regster a softphone to an extension but cannot register from FreeSwitch. Consistently receiving SIP error: “registration failed - 404 Not Found”…

I can register to the FreeSwitch from PBX okay, but not FS to PBX.

I have stopped iptables/fail2ban, checked ports and reviewed router/firewall but problem persists

Could anyone advise please?

Thank you!

(Itzik) #2

Do you see anything in the Asterisk console while trying to register?


No, there was no messages in Asterisk Console.


(Itzik) #4

That means that FreeSWITCH cannot reach FreePBX.


Indeed. I have proved PBX is reachable from FreeSWITCH via Tracepath command on port 5060. It can also be pinged from the FS server. But problem persists.