Register 2 S700's to one user in 2 locations

The phone system I am installing today I have 2 users that want to have the same extension at 2 different locations. So the internal LAN will be one phone and a Remote Phone will be another. I believe I can manually program this but I want to have Endpoint Manager handle this. is it possible?

I am using PJSIP so i know multiregistration is possible.

Hi Jessy:

On your pjsip extension, edit the ‘contacts’ parameter and put the max number of devices you think you want to register to the extension. Submit, apply config. In Endpoint Manger, Extension Mapping, you will now be able to register multiple devices with separate MAC addresses, one to each of the contacts created.

Is there any way to have those 2 remote phones use their own parking lots and Outbound Routes since they are the same extension? I didnt think of that.

The default parking lot, and outbound routes based on CID would be the same for both.

So i cant use CoS to separate them then. Hmmm. That is a dilemma. WHY CANT I HAVE BOTH!!! lol

Given your requirements, it may be you have to do it the old way. Have two extensions with different ext numbers, each with FMFM enabled to ring both, and with one set to spoof the CID of the other.

You can’t have them be different as they are the same extension. COS and all other settings belong to the extension and both devices have the same extension.