Regenerating a new dialparties.agi?

Since FreePBX is the thing that generated this script, how can we regenerate a new one?

It seems mine is full of bugs to include CID & CID not appearing, and problems with running scripts within AGI.

Otherwise I am going have to start over and just stay with plain vanilla Asterisk.


dialparties.agi is not full of bugs. (Not to say there may not be bugs lurking in it…)

If you want to run vanilla Asterisk, go for it. If you want to run FreePBX, you need to use dialparties.agi, it is at the heart of the system.

It is not generated. It get’s copied from the core module when you ‘Apply Configuration Settings’ which is what allows it to be updated with new core modules.

Well something obviously is wrong with the way it is configured. I have gone over it, and have had other people look at my system and they all keep pointing the finger at dialparties.agi


people who don’t understand FreePBX often don’t get diaplarties.agi. People who come from an Asterisk only world often get really confused with how it does things, don’t know if that is the issue here or not.

If you have specific questions about specific functionality in it, then feel free to ask about that, but it is not very constructive to say ‘everything is broken what’s wrong’ as no one is going to be able to help you.

I did have a specific question, but was not answered with a specific answer.

When items are set up correctly according even to the FreePBX docs and the output being sent to dialparties.agi good, but is coming out from it bad, then something is probably not right with it, or what is configuring it.

With a bunch of copies, as you say, things can get corrupted. That is why I want to know if it could be regenerated if I just delete it, or something else can be done to get a fresh copy.

your question was answered. It’s copied from the module. Try spending a few minutes looking when people answer your questions:


if you want to copy it again then go for it, or go back to “the well” if you think it got corrupted somewhere, that’s what SVN is for, no one is hiding it.