Regenerate/SubmitAll command

Good morning, all.

We ran into an issue on Friday where Bulk Import ended up putting holes in the config. LIterally, extension data wasn’t being imported/applied. In fact, you could export the config, re-import it, then re-export it again, and see differences. This essentially led to a “down system”, in that calls to any queues failed, and stations had sporadic operation (Literally,the number of database entries for an affected extension were less than a normal non-impacted extension). We opened a ticket with support and they were able to identify that as the cause.

SERIOUS THANKS to Lorne for finding that!

But it led to something I’ve talked about a couple times in this forum over the years. There must be a way in FPBX to make the GUI regenerate the config for everything, not just items it thinks are changed. We literally had to visit each extension and re-submit each page - that was the fix. In mentioning this need on the support call, we were told “yeah, there is a command that does that, but it’s so rarely used, don’t recall what it is.”

So, I’m taking this to the forums once again. In the past, I’ve been told no such thing exists, but now I’ve heard it may exist after all. Either way, it really needs to exist - it is a very important need when things aren’t working properly, to ensure the Asterisk config is “true” to what has been programmed.

So, I’m asking - if ANYONE knows this command, please share it. If it turns out the command doesn’t exist, please help to get it added to this release, because it’s a crucial piece when it’s identified that the fix is to resubmit everything manually. That was a small system (only a couple hundred extensions), but imagine having to do that on a couple thousand…


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Hi Kris:

The command I referred to is:

 fwconsole util resetastdb

Which I did recall before I handed off late Friday. Unfortunately, it didn’t do what I expected it to do in this case. I have an internal ticket to investigate this, and also to properly document it on the fwconsole wiki page:

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there was a way to do this with extensions that i recall from freepbx 12 days


i havent used it recently but it was for cases where you would have generally had to hit submit on each extension then apply


Thank you, sir. That info never made it back to us. After we got disconnected and called back, we asked about that and were told “couldn’t find it but will check”.

So, again, thank you for the above!!!

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Added the “&action=resetall” to the tail of the extension display URL. Didn’t work. Page reloaded (after complaining about reaching the page via a possible attack URL), but when done, the APPLY wasn’t lit like it needed to be reloaded, nor did it have an impact on some missing data on export (that has needed to be regenerated by a submit on each extension).

So, it seems we’re still on the search for a proper fix to being able to regenerate.

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