Regarding WebRTC and Firefox

I thought that firefox now supported webrtc. I notice that the current webrtc phone shuts the webrtc phone down as soon as it see’s that you are using firefox. I was trying to use firefox because I’m told the current problem I am having with webrtc phone is bug in chrome. Webrtc phone looks like a cool feature if I can get it working.

Firefox requires signed certificates to function properly, so no at this time it doesnt support firefox.

WebRTC is broke in Asterisk currently with no timetable on when it will be fixed.

They (the Asterisk Forum) make is sound like in the next (37) version of Chrome, it will have the same problem as firefox. Something about requiring a signed external certificate. Also, something about firefox only supporting sha-1 rather than sha-256. Which is all pretty much gibberish to me.

SHA = Secure Hash Algorithm

It refers to the protocol used to encrypt the date.

The key is it just needs to match at both ends.