Refusing to connect

I’m not going to lie I do not know Linux and i’m racking my brain here. We had a FreePBX server set up (by me) a year ago and we got hit with ransomware and the VM that ran the PBX was destroyed. We ended up just going with a service to do our phone systems while we work on locking down our system. Now were back at looking at the PBX but any time I try to connect to the GUI or through putty I get an error “Connecting refused”

My first thought was the firewall, but nothing has changed with the firewall and the previous settings are still present for the PBX when I first installed.

This is where I throw in my version number how ever i’m finding it hard to find my version. I know it’s Freepbx 14 and astrisk 13? If there is a linux command I’d be more then happy to learn it.

Any help would be appreciated.

  1. Open Port on Firewall if you are accessing out of network.
  2. Stop Fail2ban service Or allow your Ip in jail.local.

Currently were on same network.
#Service Fail2ban Stop
Failed to stop Fail2ban.service: Unit Fail2Ban.service not loaded.

Below is what happens if I try fwconsole start

That would not have been my first thought. My first thought would have been to read through the Wiki:

and start looking at the debug to see what the system is actually doing.

Yea I did that too. The issue I ran into was that the wiki says to use the command “amportal a debug” which then fails with “command not found” Not trying to be lazy i’m more than happy to go through 1000 more forums and wiki’s just nothing seems to be doing anything. Even “yum update” fails due to repo missing.

PS I redownloaded a new ISO from the site and spun up another VM with same issues.

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