Reference Time Conditions in Custom Dial Plan

Hello Everyone,

We’re using Time Conditions to route calls during business hours and it works great, with one exception.

We configure the time conditions module to route calls calls to custom dial plans and refer to variables throughout the call… for example:

exten => s,1,Set(TC_MET=true) – variable is static
// the complex-IVR-route references the TC_MET variable to determine if a caller can be routed to a person.

Assuming our caller gets into the phone system at 4:59pm and spends 4 minutes in the IVR… at 5:03 the Time Condition would be FALSE, and we have no way to re-evaluate the time condition from the dialplan…

Question: Is there any way to look up or reference a time condition from a custom dial plan?

Ideally, we’d like to re-evaluate the time condition at any point that someone could be transferred to a queue…

Would greatly appreciate any help on this matter.