Reducing Main Line Usage


I have been using Asterisk for a few months now. I love the power and flexibility of Asterisk. I have an idea about using my server to reduce the minutes used on my primary inbound trunk. I have a toll free number with only 100 minutes per month. I have a secondary number with unlimited minutes per month. It would be really nice if I could transfer all incoming calls from line 1 to line 2 so that I do not use up my toll free minutes during long calls. With what I have learned about phones in the past months I have begun to suspect this won’t be possible. I have not been able to find a clear direct answer to this idea, so I am asking the experts.

Thank you.

Here is one clear and direct answer, No, you can’t do that. The call was terminated by your toll-free called number, it is only toll-free for the caller, you will have to “pick up the tab”.

Thank you. I recognize your name from other posts. I’ve learned everything I know about voip systems from you and others on this forum. Thank you all. :slight_smile:

And thank you from all of us, but your question was technically not about voip, it is about the PSTN, What worked in 1990 still pretty well works that way still. It is good to be able to separate the two technologies

Is it? My system is setup with VOIP all the way. Both lines in question are VOIP. Understanding all the different technologies has been challenging.

OH! I see what you mean! :smiley: