Redirect to IVR on hang up

Is it possible to redirect external call to IVR after there’s a internal hang up?

The current flow is the following: external calls come in, goes to IVR, goes to queue, then, ends.

My wish is to redirect calls to another IVR when there’s a hang up internally but the external caller is still connected. This is for a post-call survey.


VQplus (paid module) has this capability, post hangup destination.

Thanks! Is there a module for surveys or do you have any tips on doing it?

My idea is to create an IVR with 5 options, rating 1 to 5 and put AGI scripts on each option, calling an external script to save the results… Not entirely sure its the best way.

Thanks a lot!

There is no module that will do this, and your plan is workable with a small number of questions. The 3rd party module, Dynamic Routes will do a bit more for you, but either way you will have to create an AGI file(s) for writing each answer.

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