Redirect incoming calls to another Asterisk server via IAX2

Hello, I have 2 Asterisks servers in 2 country, I connected it via IAX2 trunk. Now I want to recent my incoming calls from one server to another server via IAX2 trunk. I made inbound route, but I don’t understand what must I choose in Destination, there are not any possibility to choose Trunk.

Need Outbound Route linking Location 1 to Location 2 via IAX trunk.

Install the Misc Destinations module if you haven’t already.

Create new Misc Destination on each server:
 On Location 1:
  Description: Route to Location 2
  Dial: 2000
 On Location 2:
  Description: Route to Location 1
  Dial: 1000

The 1000 and 2000 should, of course, be replaced with your specific extensions for each location.

Once this is done now you can now set destinations all over the place (inbound routes, time conditions, day/night, ring-group failovers, the works!).

Hope this helps.

Dear Lyle,

Is 1000 and 2000 are IAX extension?
How to create it?
Mine has the same problems ,already create Outbound route but doesn’t forwarded.