Redirect incoming call via IAX trunk


I use freepbx 2.4 for administration and I try to redirect an incomming call from trunk SIP to second TB22 server.

server 1 and 2 is TB2.2.3

incomming call
from trunk SIP (SPA3102) ====> server 1 <====IAX2======> server2 <------ Extension 128

I can calling 128 from serveur 1
I can calling all the extensions from 128 extention SIP
But if i join the 128 extension SIP from incomming call SIP?

What’s configuration must be use?
can i use Inbound route?
Misc applications?
Misc destinations?

thanks for your help.

Once you have your IAX trunk built, create a outbound route using that trunk with those extensions, outside numbers/dial patterns, etc in the outbound route and one server ill know to route it to the other.

I found a solution by using the “Misc Destinations” : Inter,s,1
I created in the file extention_custom.conf
exten => ._,1,Dial(IAX2,trixboxb:[email protected]/${DID})

So it redirects many calls from SIP trunk.

So Any DID and Any CID use misc destinations Inter,s,1

I use Freepbx 2.2 for try
This procedure is not same on Freepbx 2.4, but almost.

In any case, Thanks for your help. :slight_smile:
I try your solution on Freepbx 2.4