Redirect External Call to IAX Trunk to PBX2


I gave a couple of conceptual queries to understand call handling to configure the below mentioned correctly.

I am running two FPBX systems (FPB14 and ASTX13) in two cities that connected by IAX2 trunk.

This is working well and I can make calls between two internal calls. I am now at the handling external calls stage down the trunk and are trying to get my head around some of the concepts.

Requirement: Receive external call to PBX1 and then redirect call to Conf IVR and PBX2

I have configured the inbound route on PBX1 (using DID) to the IAX trunk destination. I have then tried to configure an incoming route on PBX 2 using the same ext DID number to the Conf IVR. This is how the PBX1 used to operate but we are now shifting all of the conf rooms to PBX2.

A review of the logs on PBX2 shows the call coming into the system nicely but it is showing up as an internal call. This makes sense as the IAX2 on the PB2 is configured with “context=from-internal”:

– Accepting AUTHENTICATED call from 203.59.XX.XXX:4569:
– > requested format = gsm,
– > requested prefs = (gsm),
– > actual format = gsm,
– > host prefs = (gsm),
– > priority = mine
– Executing [[email protected]:1] ResetCDR(“IAX2/iaxVultrXXX-3312”, “”) in new stack
– Executing [[email protected]:2] NoCDR(“IAX2/iaxVultrXXX-3312”, “”) in new stack
– Executing [[email protected]:3] Progress(“IAX2/iaxVultrXXX-3312”, “”) in new stack
– Executing [[email protected]:4] Wait(“IAX2/iaxVultrXXX-3312”, “1”) in new stack

On the above basis, I believe that in inbound route on PBX2 is irrelevant in this context as its already an internal call! I would appreciate any suggestions to the best way configure this?


For many internal extensions like ring groups, the context from-internal is not sufficient for a tie-line, ext-local would likely work, but is extremely risky and can cause conflicts between the PBI, caveat emptor

Thanks, I will do some homework on this.

As you’ve discovered, you can’t use an inbound route on PBX2. Instead, use a Misc Application with a feature code matching the DID of the inbound call.

Thank you Igaetz, that got it working! I learned something new as well…even better.

BTW, I tried to change the PBX2 inbound IAX context to external, hoping that might allow me to push the call through the Inbound Routes. I had assumed I could set up two IAX2 trunks, one for redirected external calls and one for internal calls. I could not get this to work. In theory, is this possible and I just did not configure it correctly?

You are on the right track, but two trunks using identical protocol will not work. If you set up a second trunk of type SIP or PJSIP, one set to from-trunk and one set to from-internal then you can prob achieve what you want.

Because they use the same port?

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