Redirect all incoming calls to external trunk/number... Misc Destinations?

Hi everyone

I’m running FreePBX and Asterisk in an externally-hosted VPS and it works great for our 12 users, 8 in one office and 4 remote workers.

But occasionally we need to redirect all incoming calls to an external PSTN number, for out of hours when the bosses are out of the country etc.

Will this add too much latency/echo to our calls?
The ping average between our trunk and the FreePBX box is 15ms and I’ve heard anything under 100ms should be ok for VoIP.

Is this where Misc Destinations come in?
So I create a Misc Destination, with the external number we want the call to be routed to. Then edit our inbound route to point to that Misc Destination?

Just wanted to check to see if there’s another/better way I should be doing this?

Cheers, B

I think I’d use followme. It can be turned on and off from the freepbx users page.


Would that work for all incoming calls?
Or just calls to a particular extension?

We have a single ring group, which rings all extensions on incoming calls.

Cheers, B