Redirect a returning inbound call to the extension

Hi, guys, i have a question FreePBX has the option to return an incoming call to the extension that answers the call the first time?

Caller ID 555-555-3211 Call and that call was pick by Extension 1005
later the same number call 555-555-3211 i would like that, in this case, the call go again to the same extension 1005 if is possible.

Could be I’m totally wrong on that one: IIRC someone said you can do it with a third party module Dynamic Routes.
But could be im mixing things up.

Without some custom code or a third-party module, you cannot do it automatically.

You can do it manually, i.e., you can create an inbound route that is solely for a specific Caller ID that will route future calls to a particular extension.

And since you can do it manually, it should be possible to create custom code that will do it automatically as well.

I have to ask, though, are you sure you want that? What if the next time that person calls your number, he doesn’t need to speak with x. 1005?

What if the person at 1005 is sick, or leaves the job, or you change all your extension numbers when you decide that extension numbers shouldn’t start with a 1 because they conflict with calling every other U.S. number?

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