Redirect a range to another number help

Hi all,

I am trying to find a way to redirect all 6 digits numbers starting with 118xxx to an 0800 number

118 is directory enquiries in the UK and are only 6 digits long.

I can’t see how to wildcard this anywhere in the GUI, I thought perhaps a misc destination or misc application but it looks like I would have to put in every conceivable number in here individually. I would like to do this through the GUI rather than in any conf file.

Can anyone advise please?

I am running FPBX 2.11 Asterisk 11

I may have a solution for this but would like some advice before I start testing it

If I create an outbound route and match my 118 pattern there with a dial string of DAHD/g0/0800etc

This, i believe, would work ? or is there a better way


I’m not sure that this will work on your older system (tested with FreePBX 14 / Asterisk 14), but I simply set up an Outbound Route with
prepend: 08001234567
prefix: 118XXX
match pattern: (empty)
pointed to the normal outgoing trunk and it worked with no issue.

I have had a look and it looks like that should work a treat!

I will experiment, thank you so much!

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