Asterisk: 1.4.22
Phones: Polycom 501s

Is there a way to get the system to allow redial on very long numbers? Here’s what I mean:

A client dials a foreign country like so: 011(504)95027463. He reaches a busy signal and wants to hit redial. Instead of dialing when he hits redial the system just waits until he hits “send”. On a normal US number redial works. This is really annoying the client. Any help?

As a follow up I was just told by the client that redial doesn’t work at all!

sounds like the dial pattern matching is not configured on the phone for international calling. If they redial and wait the timeout period I’ll bet it works… If I remember correctly a default value for timeout on polycom phones is 6 or 9 seconds when it does not match a predetermined pattern (last digit timeout + dial string timeout)…