RedFone T1/E1 Card FreeBPX configuration

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A diguim digital PRI card seems to not working well on a FreePBX system which i replace to a Redfone T1/E1 card…
i have read a document on how to use a such card for Elastix with script, as Elastix is UI as well as FreePBX i deduce the Redfone Card can also be used on a FreePBX, FreePBX hightly recommend to always set hardware by using the UI.
Has someone already experiencing a such thing

Look Forward to your reply…

Thanks !

In my opinion try to use Sangoma Card´s or Khomp.

Yes, i am agree with you,bu for now the question is the Redfone card is the only one available.


Any suggestion .

I think it does not work with FreePBX 12 or 13 because it depends on dahdi-2.0.2 or dahdi old, I believe that you can run on older versions of Elastix / FreePBX, suggest research well on the drives for Red Phone, could not find drives for the version of the latest dahdi.

Look this It may be that you get with these drivers appear to be recent.

Original Redfone foneBRIDGE2 setup utilities *These are the original files and setup utilities downloaded from the old Redfone Support website.

*The .sh script still points to the older website to download the files and needs to be udpated to skip that process if checking out this project using GIT.

*The fonulator RPM file may or may not work on different Centos/Redhat variants.

Thank you very much,

i ll do a research .

Let you know !