Recurring warning in log

I keep seeing this warning in my mail log file:

WARNING[4639] res_pjsip_pubsub.c: No registered subscribe handler for event as-feature-event from 204

What could be causing this?

A device is trying to subscribe with an event type of “as-feature-event” but that is not implemented in Asterisk. You can either find the device which is doing so and stop it, or ignore the warning.

I know which device it is, but what should I change to the device?

It’s not something you change in Asterisk. It’s something you’d change in the device, and devices are different.

Ok, it’s a Yealink phone, does that narrow things down?

Someone else may be able to provide instruction or input, I can’t.

Model and firmware would help greatly. However, you can look in the Advanced settings of an account and see if Subscribe Register is enabled, if it is disable it. It might be the cause of this. I ran into this with someone a few years back, I’m just trying to remember the setting that fixed it. I normally don’t see with my yealinks.

It’s a Yealink T28 and I can’t seem to find a Subscribe Register option. I have found Subscribe for MWI and Subscribe MWI To Voice Mail, both are disabled. Subscribe Period is set to 1800.

OK well I did a search, for future reference, “yealink sends as-feature-event” and my first result was a question on the Yealink forum about this and it also refreshed my memory.

You have account.X.feature_key_sync.enable enabled on one of your accounts. And/Or you have account.feature_key_sync.enable also enabled. The latter is global and the former overrides the global per account.

The thing about both of these settings though, they aren’t Web UI settings. They need to be set via a config file. So somehow this phone has (or had) a config imported or download via provisioning that has one or both of these settings turned on. They both need to be disabled which will require importing or using a provisioning system to update them.

I have tinkered with TFTP in the past, could be it included those settings. Do you think a factory reset would reset this?

By default those are disabled, so it might.

Then I think I’m taking the easy road.

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