Recreate configuration files

I have installed Asterisk 13 from source and then install all example configuration files with command “make config”. Then I installed FreePBX 13 from source and I suspect that FreePBX doesn’t write all configs over example files. Because I had to write AMI login and password to manager.conf by hand.

How can I recreate all files that must be installed through normal installation process?

Seems like you did a manual install, I’ve never done that so what I am about to say might not apply in your case.

AFAIK FreePBX creates all the necessary users during the install, if you want to add/remove AMI users, use the Asterisk User Manager module

But again, I may be off here…

Delete the example files and keep only asterisk.conf, modules.conf and manager.conf then re-run the FreePBX install script. That should get you the basics, then “fwconsole reload” after the modules are installed should populate the rest.

Manual install instructions are available in the FreePBX wiki. Why install 13? 15 is the current version.

I had to integrate Asterisk/FreePBX with Queuemetrics that support module “queuemetrics” for FreePBX 13.

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