Recovery of FreePBX

Good Morning, I hope someone can help. I am trying to rebuild a FreePBX and have tried using a backup file to recovery the new FreePbx back to my original settings. When I up load the file, all goes well until 99.75% when the upload process hangs. Any ideas as how to overcome this woule be appreciated.



Upload the file with anything but the web UI in that case. If you have windows use WinSCP to upload the file over SSH or if it’s on another machine/server with SSH enabled you could also use scp.

Thanks Santiago, is there a tutorial as to how to do this.

Many thanks


If I recall, I had this problem before. The issue was the file size of the backup, after removing the CDRs from the backup. The backup size became substantially smaller and the restore was successful

I selected the following categories, which was all I needed. Just depends on the migration, I just needed the essentials. This was V13(32-bit) to the latest V16(64-bit)

Config Backup
Sytem Audio

The Full Backup option builds a much larger file.

Just look up online. Use WinSCP if Windows.

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