Hello everybody

I need to keep records for more than 3 months, when the folder /var/spool/asterisk/monitor reach 3 000 files, the recording stops and it works for only one day because we are a call center.

thank you.

I don’t believe this is a linux problem because I’ve heard of directories of 100000 files, however even with that, you’d run out of space in a month. If you’re receiving 3000 calls a day, that’s about 300000 calls every three months.

I’ll probably be corrected on this, but I don’t remember seeing any parameter in Asterisk to limit the number of recorded calls, but I may have missed it.

If there is no setting in Asterisk or elsewhere to allow more than 3000, I’d set up a cron job to move the files from the monitor folder to some other location on a daily basis.

There are a number of examples of this mainly for backup and/or log retention on the web. Google something like “backup rotation” or log rotation to see if something there might point you in the proper direction.


You should try to dedicate an FTP server (or else) to store all your records.
Then, script transfert (at night or low use) from your asterisk/Freepbx server to the storage one. Thus you will have few files on your asterisk server. In addition, this will speed up search of records.

Hi there, can any one help me delete call monitor recordings from my PBX that are older than 4 months. I am new to all this and would appriciate any help available.



Look at: