Recordings stop on answer!

Ok, this is irritating.

I recently had to reinstall following a fardware failure, so took the opportunity to use the new freepbx distro and get everything up to date.

Now. I can’t get call recordings to work reliably, or even at all. Some calls were being recorded, some were not. I’ve tried “record on answer” and “record immediately” and the best I can get is about five seconds of recording - usually just enough to hear it start ringing, or the initial “Hello”.

What could be going wrong?

It would be easier to assist you if you provided exact version info and how you installed FreePBX. A trace of a call would also be useful.

Sorry, I know I should post these things.
Asterisk 11.40
FreePBX - all modules up to date.
Installed off official freepbx distro.

Log file at

Just checked actual file size on disc, and it seems big enough.  Downloaded manually, and they *do* include the whole call.  Sigh.  So it's the Asterisk CDR page that is only playing a few seconds.  That's a totally different problem..  Bah.  But at least it's doing the important part.