Recordings Missing from User Portal

When I trigger on-demand recording with *1, I can see the call being recorded in the Asterisk logs, and in /var/spool/asterisk/monitor. Once the call is complete, I can see an entry for the call in Call Monitor section of the User Portal. However, there is no icon to play or download the file. If I download the file from the system using SCP, I can play the file successfully on my desktop.

I tried to record another call, the file was created on the file system, and the play button now appears in the Call Monitor section!

Has anyone else had issues with on-demand recordings sometimes not appearing?

I am using FreePBX and Asterisk

I have the same problem! Calls are recorded to file and logged to cdr, but when you log into the user portal it doesn’t show up in the call monitor logs. Does anyone know what’s going on? I’m using :

PBX Firmware:
PBX Service Pack: