Recordings for FreePBX

HI guys i have a FreePBX server then i created extensions, my problem is when i register to extension and make dialout like 10 numbers or 12 numbers, the output recording on FreePBX is only one whole audio files, which means all 12 calls i called are recorded but recorded in one recording file name on freePBX…any idea…?

It should be recorded per call session i think…Thanks a lot

How are you making the next call - hanging up and redialing, or feature-code/hookflash?


Yes im dialing per number then hangup after calls, then proceed again with the next dial.

But i want to add before i dial a number i login to a conference first then from there i dial the number and when it connects i hangup on the number but the conference is still retained then next call again.

There’s your answer - being in the Conference is why it is getting mashed into a single recording - why are you doing it from a conference?

You might want to investigate your extensions :-

“Record Priority Policy”

it has like most things a pop-up help. But I, like Greg, am also intrigued by the why-for of what you are doing . . .