Recordings and admin page are blank

Hi All,

I’ve got several FreePBX servers that have been upgraded in the last week or so to the latest and greatest. Today, while looking at some other issues, the recordings page comes up as blank on 2 of them (out of 5). On one of these same machines, the /admin also comes up as blank. The boxes are all running AsteriskNOW 1.7.1 with FreePBX 2.9.0RC1.3. The pages, from what I can tell, have 0 content. Caches have been flushed and I’ve replicated the problems on several different workstations. Any ideas would be greatly appreciated on troubleshooting and resolving this.

Thanks! Great sugguestion. I’ve been bitten by that php-pear one before on another box like . I’ve checked and gone through the logs to see what was installed and removed before things went bad and this time php-pear-db and php-mysql are safe and correctly installed. It looks like the upgrade around the same time where things went bad happened close to when asterisk14 was updated via yum but the times on that upgrade are only within a few hours of each other so I’m still guessing.

I’m guessing that when you did the updates the underlying system bits (RPMs) were updated too? If this included PHP there might be the need to update a PEAR module that the RPMs don’t include. I’ll see if I can find the command(s) I’m thinking of…

Maybe try as root from the shell: pear install DB

Or make sure these RPMs are installed by running:

yum install php-pear-DB yum install php-mysql

Leap Frog said … “Maybe try as root from the shell pear install DB”

I love it, awesome, you saved me a world of pain!!! I can’t thank you enough! I had the same exact problem and this solved it!

Happy it helped!