Recording starts playing mid-call


I’m not really sure where to start with this problem. Multiple users have reported that they hear a recording play mid-call. It seems this only happens with external calls. Altough I got conflicting information, the majority of reports seem to point to the main IVR greeting being played.

I’m running FreePBX

Thanks for any pointers

The 1st thing tou need to determine exactly what is happening. If you can pin down a date, time, phone number…you should be able to isolate what is happening. Once you know exactly what is happening, you can get on with the “why”.

Gather your reports and see if there is any commonality.

I once had a problem that several users were reporting…I looked and looked and couldn’t find anything until I realized all of the calls were to the same agency…different numbers, but the same PBX. The problem was on the other end.