Recording Permissions

Hey Everybody,

I had previously installed asterisk version 1.8 from an asterisk Now ISO. I had setup an NFS mount to store the recordings on a ZFS server.

This was working fine, but now I installed Free PBX Distro and choose asterisk version 11.9.0 and when the files are saved they are not taking inherited permissions. Is there any way to set the permissions that these files are saved as?

That is a problem with your nfs mount, Freepbx is only responsible for writing the file if it can, using nfs is a really bad choice for saving your important stuff, if the mount point goes stale you loose everything without any chance of recovery , think about either an intermediary storage point or a better network FS.

I would use iSCSI for this application.

I appreciate your advice dicko, but it is wrong. I can write to the nfs mount from the command line and the permissions are inherited from the share, that alone shows that the mount is not the issue. Also, there is no risk using nfs, even if the mount goes stale, the recordings are just saved locally on the machine. I have been using nfs for over a year now on MANY boxes.

Let’s say I have it mounted at /var/spool/asterisk/monitoring/ and I loose the mount. It will store the recordings locally at that point, then when the mount comes back online, the recordings might not be visible, but if you unmount the share, you will see they are still there on the local disk.

NFS is the best solution for me, so can we just concentrate on the real problem? Asterisk is is not inheriting the permissions of the share when writting files.

linux doesnt work like that, you can mount the share with a gid and a uid. the file however will always be owned by the asterisk user, wherever it is written.

(will only be written by the asterisk user)

Shots in the dark here but lets try…

You were on a system based on el5, FreePBX is based on el6 there may be major differences in handling. Defaults may have changed meaning you must specify things you didn’t have to specify before. One thing that may be different is the authentication scheme. You may try others.