- Recording Options in extensions not working

My settings for extension

  • Recording Options
    Inbound External Calls Yes
    Outbound External Calls Yes
    Inbound Internal Calls Yes
    Outbound Internal Calls Yes
    On Demand Recording Disable
    Record Priority Policy 10
    but the call is not recorded, this happened after last update to Core 12.0.8, Call Recording and other modules.
    Help, please. I can not understand what the problem is.

I have same problem…plz reply.

Can confirm. I recently upgraded from 2.11 to 12 and have been using 2.11 for ages with certain extensions record set to ‘yes’. Post upgrade, the extension recording settings seem to be ignored, the only way I can get calls to record is to set the record options in in/outbound routes.

Thanks…its working. Now i am able to record all calls through incoming/outgoing trunk setting. Thank you once again.