Recording on RAM


We have a FreePBX server with 8E1 (Sangoma A108). We know that when calls are more than 180, voice are robotic and server is very slow. We checked the CPU and RAM and they are ok. (HP DL380 G9). So we guess that this is for HDD speed, because all calls are recorded, and when we stop the recording, there isn’t any same issue.

I read before about recording on RAM instead of HDD and then move the recorded file to HDD.
Could you please let me know your idea? This solution may help?
Could you please share with me any how-to for this?


Actually, a simpler solution may be SSD - RAM Disk is ok and not all that hard to set up, but getting any kind of capacity for the recordings is tough - 128Gig of RAM (Assuming your machine could even support it) would be really pricey whereas a Stripe of two 256Gig SSD’s would only cost a few hundred dollars - and two decent (think Samsung) SSD’s in a 2-Drive Stripe will give you over 1GigaByte/Second Write speed. Even with 180 calls all doing alaw (I Assume because of E1) at the same time, you are talking a 82Kbits (Overhead Included) per channel, or around 15Mbits/second - even including the overhead of 180 separate streams, you should have plenty of headroom to record this many channels and not choke.

And then a CRON job at the end of the day to move them into permanent storage.

Thank you for reply.
I’ll try it in our projects.