Recording music on hold remotely

I need to figure out a way for a client to call in to their PBX and record a new Music on Hold file He is not good at logging into his pbx, going to system recordings and doing it that way. He wants to be able to pick up his IP phone and dial a code, enter whatever, and record a new MOH file. Any ideas on this?

If any one has an easy way for my client to record his own music on hold (he wants to do an advertising message) I would be most appreciative

Easiest way would be if he calls your voicemail, records his “MOH” you grab that wav file and upload it to the PBX :smile:

Otherwise, you’ll need a custom script to record and move the file to the MOH directory.

you could perhaps set up a “system recording” for one named “your_file_name” and link it too a feature code with a password if you want

Link to Feature Code 

Yes No  **Optional Feature Code *2920**

Feature Code Password

you might then hard link that file ‘/var/lib/asterisk/sounds/en/custom/your_file_name.yourchosenformat’ after it is created, to your moh directory as appropriate

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