Recording lenny, strange

when sening calls to lenny, we send it to extension number, this is set to force record.

The call shows up in CDR, but playing it exits immediately.

Looking on the filesystem, the callfile external-EXTNO-SPAMMERNO-date-time-157xxxxxxx.8.wav is 44 byte under the monitor/2019/10/21 directory and as such fails to play the 11 minute long call.

However in the monitor directory itself, is the file 157xxxxxxx.8.wav, which is 31mb and plays the call when downloaded and listened to.

So, ummm, basicially why the two files, and why does freepbx gui not link to the correct one? (both files are hard, neither appears softlink to the other)

Also is this how people record lenny calls? since custom destination doesnt have a record option?

(we use Lenny,talk,1 as target)

Again, by dialplan that is circling around on the Internet records the call and saves it in the /var/spool/asterisk/monitor folder

You can also point it instead of the custom destination to a call recording object which and then to the custom destination.

ok so tht might explain why its in monitor, but it doesnt explain why freepbx shows a zero second unplayable 44 byte file for the extension. under year/date/etc…

It’s a custom script, you’ll need to question these custom lines of code.

Different issue, but while we’re talking about that script, do you find Lenny often cuts off the caller at around the 30s mark? Not always, just sometimes? Don’t know why that happens

I think you can adjust the sensitivity level.

The “thirty second” mark is often an indicator of NAT or RTP problems, since that’s how long a call will “hang in there” without inbound RTP. Since these are incoming calls already, you might need to check your router settings to make sure that RTP is getting correctly directed to your phone server through the firewall and that NAT is set up correctly.

Thanks, Dave, I THINK it’s more likely to be the AMD settings as I often get Lenny calls which last 40 seconds, or 20 seconds, or my kids have managed a personal best of 6 minutes 20 seconds. So I don’t think it’s RTP/NAT - but I will check this :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

Just saying that “30 seconds” rings a bell in my mind. If they are more or less than that (and not consistently 30 seconds) then yeah, it could be something else.

This one seemed to falter at the 57 second mark

The logs don’t SEEM to show anything too odd?

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