Recording issues

I’m running FreePBX, current version. My goal is to record every phone call except the boss’s calls, and to NEVER record his calls.

Some of our people have Follow-me set up to forward to their cell phones. Those calls should still be recorded, but currently are not actually being recorded.

I currently have all the inbound routes set to Record on Answer.
I have all the extensions (except the boss’s set to Record ALWAYS for all settings. I have On Demand Recording Enabled. They have a Record Priority Policy setting of 5.

I have the boss’s extension set to NEVER record on all settings but On Demand Recording is still set to Enable. The Record Priority Policy is set to 20.

The issues I’m having a 1)Not all inbound calls are being recorded. As I mentioned if the call hits a Follow-me to a cell phone there’s no recording made.
2) if one extension answers then transfers the call to a second extension, only the last person’s conversation is recorded. The person in the middle (who did the transfer) isn’t recorded anywhere.
3) The boss’s calls are still being recorded in spite of being set to never record.