Recording incoming/outgoing stopped working


I sometimes wonder???

I turned on the recording incoming & outgoing on one of the extensions to test it out
I left it on for about a week
I then tried to see if I can playback the recorded phone conversations
which I would say - it worked !!!

later, I decided to turn on the recording for more extensions.
A few days go by
I then tried to monitor the phone conversations and to my amazement

NOT ONE RECORDING for any of the extensions
The Original Recordings for the 1st extension is no where to be found

I see on top of the screen in RED
To many files in /var/spool/asterisk/monitor/OUT2112-20080512-160249-1210622569.12560.wav Not all files processed

Very discouraging
What Happened ?

Thank you

Erase or move out all the recordings in /var/spool/asterisk/monitor and see if it works then

you already have more files in the monitor directory then the default configuration is designed to handle. There is a setting that controls how many files it should handle and you can increase this value. Be aware that increasing that value increases the load on the server when you use this page (and the amount of date it sends over the link to display the page) as it needs to collect that info into memory.

The default limit if I remember correctly is either 2500 or 3000.

also realize that by recording all calls you have increased the load on the server and have also started to consume a good amount of disk space which you’ll have to actively manage or you might soon run out of disk space causing other issues…

I don’t quickly have the link but there is a good discussion about this in the forum from about a month ago, what to do to change this value, etc… you can search for it.

If I have a few minutes later I’ll update my post with it.

We also record certain extensions all the time… and I was wondering how are the filenames generated? And, can the format
for the file names be changed?

Also, is there a place to default the audio encoding for monitoring… currently the extensions are wav files and a queue is gsm?
I know I can change the Queue recording format in the Queue defnition… I was just wondering if there was a system wide default?



If you go into the recording section, use the extension you want as the user name, and the its passcode.

You will notice a spot in this section, you have the option to record GSM or WAV files

Try it out

How do we change the limit

Where do I look, and how ?

I tried moving all the wav files out into another folder
I dont know what actually happened
I moved the whole folder out to the root folder (monitor)
and then re-created the (monitor) folder back in the var/spool/asterisk/
I have plenty of space on the drive

In the beginning I was able to click on the play button
but now - there are no play buttons at all - even for those recordings I was able to monitor before

Thank you for the time