Recording files play live

hi all,

I want to create a web php reporting page to listen and stream our recordings from my archives.

how can i do this.

Which part are you having trouble with, because the solution is right there in the question.

Write a report in PHP that displays the phone call recordings and when you click on them, they play.


In order to know which call the recordings related to (they are stored in subdirectories of /var/spool/asterisk/monitor) you will first need to ready the various CDR records from the MySQL database “asteriskcdrdb”. One of the fields for each call has the name of the call recording stored in it: should be pretty obvious if you have a look at the table structure.

I don’t want to go with the table structure just to create a page where we can list all the records from the directories and stream them online.

i don’t know how to get data from linux directories in php code.

Start here - if you can’t get the information you need from these functions, I really don’t know what you’re asking:

thanks. i’ll update you if anything else required.

do you know the link where i can find any example code for linux system

Freepbx also does this for free in cdr and cel though not in a consolidated interface like recording reports.

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