Recording / blocking some extensions & restricting access to recordings

I’d like to do a couple of things.

  1. I’d like to record (nearly) all calls. I’ve figured out how to do that by selecting always record on inbound routes and the extensions themselves.

  2. I’d like to NEVER record one extension no matter what. But I can’t do that if I’ve done #1 (except for selecting never instead of always on the extension itself). It still records calls to that extension because recording seems to take priority over never recording.

  3. I’d like to restrict access to the recordings.

Background: It’s sometimes helpful to have the recording to go back to for training, corrections, etc. but some calls need to remain private. The bosses line for example should never be recorded. Conversations about salaries or workers being heard by the wrong employee can cause chaos.

The PIN numbers aren’t secure. I have people that check each other’s mailboxes all the time. If one of those employees was talking to the boss about another of those employees and the second employee decides to listen to the phone calls it’s a problem.

I could record all calls IF I could block all access to calls except from the boss. Or I could make sure the system NEVER records the boss. Either would work.

So no way to block all recordings from a specific extension while recording everything else?

What FreePBX version you’re using? In 2.10 there’s disabling recordings per extension levels and there’s priority in case of a conflict. So, i would set the boss to disable all sorts of recordings with prio 19 (reserve 20 for the boss’s wife) and set everything else as 1?

Ah! I forgot all about the priority flag. I’ll bet that was my problem as I was only seeing recordings when talking somewhere that would otherwise have been recorded. Duh! Thank you so much!

OK, so I’ve been trying to make this work but it’s still not happening. I have the extension set to NEVER record with a Priority of 20. It does allow for On Demand Recording under the Extension name.

Under the Applications/Call Recording menu I’ve created an entry for that extension and set call recording to Never.

In spite of setting every setting I can find to NEVER record this phone except for on-demand recording… it keeps recording call. I go into the reports and call after call to and from this extension are recorded. I go to the /var/spool/asterisk/monitor/2012/ directory and there they are. Recordings of all those calls I keep telling it NOT to make.

So my original question remains… how can I NOT record the boss’s phone.

I’m on the current ISO distro. with everything up to date from Admin/Module Admin

Take a look at

I own one, it’s GREAT!! I can give managers access to ONLY their employees call recordings, everything is stored in one location, easily searched and sorted. They have a ton of cool features too, such as inbound only, outbound only, and other call recording features.

This is NOT an advertisement, I do NOT work for the company and I gain NOTHING if you purchase one of their devices. I’m just EXTREMELY happy with mine and think it’d work in this situation.

Call their Tech Support department, they’re great and very knowledgeable.

Thanks. FreePBX seems to offer what I’m looking for, it just doesn’t work. I don’t like adding on third party stuff that might cause the system to break in a later release.

Still nothing. It continues to record some calls to the “never record” extension, especially if that call came from a transfer or a queue that was recorded. The recording option always seems to override the Don’t record option even if Don’t record has a higher priority setting.