Recording and emailing all calls to a queue or extension

Hi all,

We’ve just installed a new phone system with a FreePBX front end, and one of the queues is a support desk line. I’ve searched around the forums and found the question been asked a few years ago but no answer - is it possible to set up that line so that all calls are recorded when they are answered (I think there is a setting for this, but not sure whether better to put it on the queue or the line), and then that the recording is emailed to a specific address (in this case, our support system to automatically generate a support ticket to record the fact that the call was made and to allow the 2nd level support technicians to be able to easily review the original call request if required)?

We have got recording and emailing set up in this fashion for voicemail and it works well, we just want to expand it now. Ideally, FreePBX would then delete the recording from the server either immediately after email sending, or perhaps after a delay of a day or two in case something breaks in the pipeline.

Has/is anybody else doing this, and either way, does anyone know if the system can be configured to work this way?