Recording 3-way call

I’ve noticed this odd thing happening and can’t track down what might be causing the issue. We’re running Asterisk 1.4.23 and FreePBX 2.5.1. We are only using SIP trunks and snom 320/360 SIP phones. Here is the scenario:

  • Caller initiates outbound call to an external number
  • Caller puts that call on hold and makes second outbound call to external number
  • Caller joins the two in a 3-way conference using conference button on the snom 320, everything is fine
  • Caller hits the *1 record feature and then the caller can hear everyone but no one can hear the caller, just like the feature in MeetMe which puts the admin on mute. 3-way calling doesn’t use MeetMe though so it doesn’t make sense to me. No feature activation is see via the Asterisk console (nothing new is displayed).

I’m just wondering if someone knows if this is a conflict in feature codes or something else?