Recorded message & V-Mail

The button to listen to recorded messages is great. En route to main reason for this post I was wondering if others would find it useful to be able to listen to recorded message or “scroll through” certain possible messages using their phones?

The status of a person’s personal message can effect the working of the system / what people here when they call an extension. It would be great to be able to see a status button showing if there is a recorded button associated with an extension’s voice-mail. I.E. no message recorded or message last updated on dd/mmm/yy .

Also it would be great is there was a little speaker button just like on the recorded messages page to be able to listen to the message. This would enable admin to verify if message is still valid etc. It would also help in debugging. In my case, I just had a funny situation setting up two remote phones (one a pots and one wireless). In both cases they had recorded a message in telco v-mail system. Wireless user had wondered why he was getting messages left on both v-mail systems but it took a while to figure out which message a caller was being presented. Once we found out what was happening we simply stopped wireless telco v-mail. On posts line, I asked user to record a v-mail message on system but they recorded it on telco v-mail. It took a number of calls to figure this out.

It may be a good idea to put message status, speaker button to listen to message both on extension setup page and ARI page so admin and extension user can both listen to message and see status. It may also be good to copy over the steps to record a message from systems recordings to ARI so that person can use ARI to record their message too.


Peter Bassel