Record Queue calls but not transfers

I’m using Elastix 2.5 which uses FreePBX 2.11
I need to record all incoming calls to our call center queue to
monitor agent performance (They use Callback login) . There are some calls that are transferred and
those should not be recorded. AFAIK queue recording options overrides
extensions recording options so I cannot prevent the recording of the
transferred part of the call (by disabling recording per extension)

Is there a way to record inbound queue calls and stop recording when it is transferred?

PS: I know it has been posted before but without any solution. PLease help!

In extensions try to use.

Recording Options:
Inbound External Calls: yes
Outbound External Calls: yes
Inbound Internal Calls:yes
Outbound Internal Calls:yes

Sugestion: Use FreePBX Distro

Thanks for replying.
As I mentioned in mi post, queue options has priority over extensions options. So if I enable recording per extension and not in queue, nothing is recorded.

PS: Thx for suggesting the distro, we’re running Elastix because of its Call-center module.

Please help me out with this!
I think I’ve found where to make a change. Let me know if this won’t give me problems:
I’m not an expert on Asterisk dialplan but i think I know where the recording is started:
In the file extensions_additional.conf


exten => recq,1,Set(AUDIOHOOK_INHERIT(MixMonitor)=yes)

Do you think if I set to NO the “transferred” part of a call won’t be recorded?
How can I “patch” so I won’t loose the changes upon reload?

any update ? have the same task

This is a super old thread. If you question is in regards to extensions_additional.conf being overridden, you can research and use extensions_custom.conf or extensions_override.conf based on your need(s).

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